Friday, October 23, 2009

Personal Note: Inspiration board... Vision Board..... have you made one?

Here's my vision board. Inspiration board, Idea board.... call it what you will. It's what ever works for you. Think about it, I guess designers have been doing this for years to design a room, etc.

My thinking of what it should be is that I understand it to be things you hope to acquire or achieve in a certain period of time. I moved it to kitchen counter in front of the food. May have to move it as I've passed it quickly.
Maybe it needs to sit near my computer or near the tv so it's always in my face. I made it hinged so I could see it from all sides.

What fun this was to make. Amazing what you can find in those magazines. I consider this the back side, left side of the hinged piece.

I took two pcs of foam core and hinged together with some black cardstock down the middle. Tried putting cardstock on the back side to look nicer but each time I opened it, not so good. So it only hinges to open one way.

I guess I consider this my front.

Tell me about yours. I've so been trying to lose weight and accomplish some things and decided that for sure I needed to keep lists as my brain forgets things these days. Weight is up and down and so on.

Someone loaned me "The Law of Attraction" cd and it's very good. I've noticed many vision boards follow the idea of seeing what you want helps you achieve it.

If you've made a vision board and had good results, please share.

My idea is to make a vision board that will travel with me, whether I'm upstairs or down or as a friend said, from work to home and back. My plan is to make one that will hold a 2 page 12 x 12 spread that can then transfer to a vision album. Wow, I wish I had done this when I was younger to see where I've been and where I'm going.

I think I'd encourage folks to do that when they are young, even young kids. How much fun this could be and help in setting goals. I've never been a goal setter and I'm where I am by accident I think. Certainly didn't really plan for it, I don't think.

So my mind is working on what to make the background board out of so that my board will be attractive and then add my pages. I'm excited and oh..... do I have a stash of magazines to go thru for idea, pictures, quotes, etc.

Wish me luck and if I an get this going, I think it would be a fun class.

So if you have time, ideas, or care to share your thoughts and experiences, I'd love to hear them or see your boards. Did it help you get to your goal?

My goal at this point is getting my weight to 195 with end goal of 145 lbs. > Also want organized craft area, garage. Looking for inspiration for my board.

I recently ran across a book I bought years ago, I think it was "The Book of Me" or something like that. Got it when I started scrapping and decided it was too much for me at that time. May have to pull it back out.

I'll keep you posted.

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