Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lets make Cards for the troops

Well I'm just thrilled to announce that one of my stampers said that her company would pay the postage to mail the cards to the troops.

So I think we should plan a date to make some cards, and round table is fun as each person is assigned one job on the card and we have time to talk.

I'll supply all the materials for these cards. So I'd like to ask that you make suggestions as to a card that you think would be fun to make with at least 6-7 jobs so everyone will have something. You know we could do 2 different cards and mark some b'day to hand out to someone having a b'day. So tell me what you think and make some suggestions.

Last time we did this everyone brought one of those 10 pack of chewing gum and we wrapped them with labels that said "Thanks" so maybe we might do that again. We were able to wrap 137 packs of gum and made 37 cards that traveled in a priority box. The fact that we cared enough to do them was enough.

A little late for July 4th. After I get some ideas, watch for a date that I'll be posting for card making. Doing a round table card should allow for some time for you to make a scrap card using my scraps on your cardstock.

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