Monday, January 9, 2012

Zentangle has me all tied up

I learned about Zentangle while on vacation. Well actually I saw it at an art show where the girl had made them into cards. I wrote down the name and went back to look it up on the internet. I was blown away. I had never doodled while in school or while on the phone, etc. I thought surely I can do that... what have I got to lose, some paper and time. I thought I'd just try my hand at it without looking for inspiration just to see how well I could do. THis is my first piece, I drew the mug free hand and then kept filling in. Then I did 2 more pieces before I did the pieces I gave away to family for Christmas. It's interesting to see how creative you can be without being influenced by what someone else has done but very easy to get stumped. Guess that's why folks do samplers. I used black Micron pens, size 01 mostly.

This is a work in progress. Not sure if I'll split them up.

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Alisa said...

These are amazing, can't believe you did them with doodles! You are SO creative!

Dale said...

Susan Nel is right...I DO like this - got hooked on Zentangles about a year ago...must do more again! Well done Joan, it's fun hey?!

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