Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest..... is my new pleasure

I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Pinterest.  Sometime last year in January, 2012 one of my stampers, Susan Kelley told me about Pinterest.  She said it was the coolest thing, like a bulletin board of things you like.  I thought how interesting.  Well it is but you just don't get it til you sign up and have your own boards.  Here's mine is just a year.     Boy have I had fun.    I think we should start a Pinterest club.

What it did for me is make me feel good about things I might want to do, try.  Photos of things that were just pretty, color and if I was blue, Pinterest gave me lots to look at.  Feeling so good I had been gradually weening myself off Wellbutrin antidepressants and viola, a year later my feel good drug of choice is Pinterest.    I'm hoping 2013 will be less daydreaming and more using.  I have so much stuff in the way of supplies, fabric, etc.  I've set a goal to try to starting using down many of my supplies.  Ok, so you might not be able to tell a difference if you come visit but it's a start. 

I also discovered Zentangle last year before Pinterest.  While I'm having fun and mine are not too bad (really no good or bad in Zentangle), I'm just amazed I had never heard about it and the images on Pinterest are just wow's. 

So if I'm having a down day now, I just go to Pinterest and look up one thing and that takes me to another and another and before you know it I'm smiling over recipes to crafts to just funny pictures. 

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day today and that you are having fun in life.  Don't leave it all for your senior years.   

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Dawn Sparks said...

I agree!! Pinterest rules!! And I love following you, you are one of my favorite pinners!

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