Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Retired stamps reduced

Stamp Items for sale, finally. Can't tell you how many times I've taken sets to the garage. You know out of sight out of mind..... not. Someone will ask if I have thus and such and viola, I run to the garage and out they come again and really, I'm running out of space. Well I have stamp sets that have been on my shelves since I started in '01. I'm actually ready to part with some of them to make room for new ones. WOW it's hard to let go but sure have seen some new ones that I just love. If you have ever been to one of my classes you know how much stuff (ok so that's what Don calls it) I have. Check back as I'll have the picture of the set and price by the weekend. I'll try to update this weekly. I'm still review my stamps so I will be adding more. Also need to review my wheel supply. Gosh I hate to part with any of it but if you've seen my craft rooms you understand. I'm working on recovery.... ok, so I'm thinking about it. I'm showing what the cost would have been with s/h and tax and then the sale price. Email me if you have questions.
Postage: If mailed out of US, one set will fit in a flat rate envelope, $12.95. Next rate is $43.50 box.

In US, Priority box used based on current postal rates. Perhaps I'll come back and add this in. If local, you can pick them up.

Fresh flowers was $29.37, Sale price $20.00.... 1/31/10 Now $15.00

Snappy Starts was $23.48, Sale price is $18.00. This is a great set for scrapbookers.

Now $12.00, 1/31/10

Gently Falling was $17.60, Sale price is $12.00. This is a new unmounted set. There

are words also on this set. Click on pic to see larger pic. 1/31/10 now $8

"Flutterbys" was such a popular set.

Sold for $31.72. Sale is $24.00 1/31/10 now $19

Hard to part with this as I love the butterfly.

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