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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joan's Vacation..... Zentangle, Doodling, Pen and Ink

Call it what you will.  I was first inspired to do this thing called Zentangle in 2011 when I saw a gal's work.  Her name was Millie.  I was wow'd by her cards that featured a lot of purses and shoes.    She would not share her name or phone number with me but suggested I check out the web.  
 I was never one of those people who doodles while on the telephone, etc.  I pretty much just put my feet up and enjoy the phone conversation.    Doodling was not in my system even though I always daydreamed about drawing.  Now my sister Kandy can draw.  She's good.    It does seem that there really isn't right or wrong with this.  Heck, break out a cookie cutter, trace it and fill in.

  Then I discovered Milliande from Germany on YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Nlz4XMxcs Hope this takes you there.   I could sit and watch her videos and forget what time it was because I want to see what she'll do next.  From a sneak peak at Milliande, I decided last year to try my hand at it just to see what I could do.  I wanted to see how creative my mind (not artistic) could do without looking.  I've discovered that if you just look around you, you will find inspiration everywhere just in your surroundings. 

Of course I like flowers and Don thinks that's all I can draw..... pretty much.  

I needed a quick little gift for some neighbors and knocked out the leaf and pumpkin that I left on their door steps during "Boo" for Halloween.  You leave a treat for a neighbor and they pass it along by leaving a treat for the next neighbor.

Well I've been doodling again.  I was calling it Zentangle which I must say is a cool name but discovered that best not to use that name unless you have taken their classes, etc.  So then I thought "doodling" but today I was told just call it Pen and Ink.  I'm pretty new at this.  First discovered it last year and thought how cool.  I've never been one of those people who doodles while on the phone or while waiting but thought why not try it.  Just pen and paper and just look around.  There are designs every where.    Well here are some new ones. 
Ok, so I can't draw a flip flop as you can see. 
This was just some leaves on a stem
Now I like this butterfly, freehand drawing.  Might have gotten my dark areas a bit out of balance.  Nice part about this, I can go back and tweak it.
Ok so this butterfly had a bit too much to drink as she's a bit wonky. 
This was my first attempt at drawing a purse freehand. Not so bad.

What I have discovered is that I just love our Stampin Up Wisper White Cardstock for doing this pen and ink.  Your pen will just glide on the paper and it's so crisp.  Be sure to ask me about it.  A pack will last you a while.  If you plan to make card fronts, you'll get 4 images to one sheet of 8.5 x 11 piece.   Let me know if you need some cardstock or just want to try a sheet.  Happy to send you a small piece to try.   Makes great copies.  Have Fun.
jlowder1@bellsouth.net    You can order the cardstock directly on my SU website, on side bar.

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