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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Glaucoma & Mama's B'day quilt Sept 2017

Earlier this year I fell in love with string pieced blocks.   Saw them first on Bonnie Hunter's blog.  Also inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts. 

String piecing is just so much fun.  Once you get started it's hard to stop.  Bright colors I thought would be great for a quilt for our bed.   Sounded good til Don said too bright for him. 

I thought I'd ask Mama.  She loved the blocks.   So the plan was set.    9/21/17 b'day gift for her 95th.

Kink in the plans.  May 12, 2017 I had " Glaucoma surgery on my left eye".  That knocked me out of commission for at least 6 weeks.  I was left with a dilated eye blurred eye.    Droopy eye lid is a side effect that is a bummer.   Finally came off the eye drop that was keeping it dilated.   Surprise...the Prednisolone that I've been on since 5/12/2017 has made the cataract in the left eye jump leaps and bounds.  So eye still blurred, no vision for 6 months.   Sucks to sew with one eye. 

Cataract in left eye to be removed 10/31/2017.

Finally around July-August I was getting back to normal.  I started cranking out string blocks.   Did I have measurements....nope.   Did I know finished size. ...nope.  I cut my paper from old phone books.  I cut 7.5" squares and trimmed down to 7".  Did I trim as I went along....nope.   Did I pull strips of fabric willy nilly...nope.   Did I mix in some Batiks...yep.

Did I check all my seams.....nope.  did I remove some strips that didn't work....yep.  Did I realize that when you do that....the paper falls off.....duh...nope.

Did I know how many blocks I'd need....nope.  I kept taking blocks to
Mama's and laid them out on her bed.    Yep...looking good and she is excited.

Keep in mind my sister Kimaley Johnson normally does the quilts on Mama's twin bed and she is good.  She sews a lot.  https://www.instagram.com/kbcjohn/     She also teaches at Sewingly Yours.

I can do this.  I have confidence.  Don't think, just do it.   Only need how many more blocks? ???   A lot.   Finished size....10  7" blocks by 12  7" blocks.  That's the goal.   Just wing it. 

While at Pineapple Fabrics, I found a great fabric for the back.  At the time I wasn't sure of size so I got 3 yards.   Duh.  Of course it wasn't enough.

Once I could see the end of the string block side,  I  could see I needed more backing.    Well I'll just piece the back.   Heck no.  If I'm going to piece it, might as well do a design.

Well this was an old draft that I was coming back to but then could not get back into my blog. 

Mama loved her quilt.  Her favorite is the multi colored String Pieced side.    I'm so pleased that she loves it and tells me often..   This was the largest piece I've ever made and to make it reversible topped it.    Finished!

This was on Mama's bench out back of her apt. at Creekside Terrace Retirement.
This was on the tables in my stamp room.

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