Friday, June 12, 2009

Bookworms & Books have found a new home. Thanks everyone.

Well this is a huge thank you to the gals in my stamp group. I'll come back to give credit to everyone who donated books to this '09 service project. I appreciate that my stampers always come thru to help out.

Here you can see the boxes of books with the bookworms tucked inside. These will make their way to the shelter ( ) in Lexington, NC. Debora Rice , Family Services of Davidson County came to pick them up and the smile on her face when she saw them was enough for me. She said she could just imagine the faces of the kids who would get to select a book or two. The bookworms were made using my Stampin Up scraps of cardstock. Circles overlapping to make the worms. A Pom Pom for the head and beads or wiggly eyes on the head with antenna. Well I think the worms are just so darn cute and who wouldn't want to keep them safe tucked down into a book.

In total Debora Rice carried off 135 books. A special thanks Rhonda Johnson, a stampin bud, who brought 55 books. Also a special thanks to Janice Boyles who is not in my stamping group but did attend a stamp class, who donated $10 to buy some books. The following folks contributed to the making of the worms and donated books: Lea Kimmel, Julie Heidtmann, Alisa Ragan, Trish Canter, Belinda Smith, Beth Stewart, Ann Krieg, Susan Kelley, Anne Collins, Sandy Saulpaugh, Carol Ford for helping out with the books and bookworms. I feel sure I've forgotten someone. Please let me know if I overlooked you and I'll update this.

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Debora S. Rice said...

Thank you so much for the books and worms!!! They have been a huge hit with the children and the staff at Family Services. Many of the children who come to our shelter or offices have nothing of their very own. I wish you could see their eyes light up when they realize that we really do mean they can keep them – the book and the worm – the reaction is just over the top. I appreciate each of you who gave your time and talent on this project. Major kudos to Joan for coming up with the idea. Have no doubt, your gift is making a difference to children right here in Davidson County!!!

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