Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time with friends

Hi all. Spent the day with old friends yesterday for the annual pool party and of course 5 hours in the pool with no sunscreen not a good idea and needless to say I look like a lobster with raccoon eyes as I had to put the sunglasses on. Yep, not a pretty site.

This am I met up with another friend, Lea Kimmel, one of my stampers and we headed off for a mini fun day. We spent the day at Barnes and Nobles looking at stamping magazines and just chilling out. I had 2 coupons to get to free iced coffee at Sheetz, so that, good company, and neat magazines, it was a great FREE day. My little notebook is filled with inspiration.

So next time you are bored, grab a friend and head off to Barnes & Nobles for some chill out time.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Hi, Joan. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Be glad to help with blog aids. Have you gone to "cutest blog on the block" website? It is easy to put up backgrounds with their offerings (free downloads). Ciao! Nancy

Joan Lowder said...

Nancy, you are a doll. I thought surely with some looking around I'd get a lead to doing things better. Thanks for stopping by

Jennifer said...

Joan - love the new background!


Linda said...

Hi Joan....hope you're using the Aloe Vera gel!!
Your blog looks great by the way.
Best wishes from England...
Linda :-)

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