Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On a Personal Note... Eye and weight updates

Just me and Mama: Ok, this made me realize that I could use a bit of color on my hair. Who would ever think that Mama and I would both be on Social Security. My mom is 86, soon to be 87 in Sept. and I turned 62 on June 14, 2009. Can you tell I still didn't feel thin enough to post the photo of us standing beside each other. Darn that arm still looks fat.

I used to tower over my little 4.10" mama but not that I'm shrinking and she may have already shrunk enough, we're getting closer in height.

Seems this Glaucoma is a quiet little bugger as well so get your eyes check. There are so many beautiful things to see that losing your vision is just a terrible thing, I think. Get your eyes checked.

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