Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Actual/Faux quilted card shared by Tammy

Tammy Carhart comes thru again. Thanks tons for sharing your project.

I's all about the sharing as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for giving back by sharing. I love it and think that you should now try your hand at doing this with some fabric. What a cool idea to turn this into a mini quilted wall hanging. Think about it. Great job.

From Tammy Carhart to Joan:

I had to share a picture of the card I made for my Mom for Mother’s Day. She is a BIG quilter so I tried a “quilt” card. I actually SEWED too. I have NEVER sewed anything before. My Mom bought my daughter a sewing machine about 2 or 3 years ago because she wanted to try out quilting but never used it so I have pulled it out and actually using it on CARDS, haha!!! Mom thinks that is so funny but she LOVED her card….

I also used your technique you (Joan) taught us for the pink flower

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