Friday, May 18, 2012

Best time ever to sign on with Stampin Up.

Well the bathroom remodel is at the wire.  Don having knee replacement on Monday so it's crunch time and life is crazy.  Of course I'm having issues with my computer that I was told would be fixed on the spot and now it has to go back to HP. 

Anyway, I have Stampin Up news.    If you are one of those hobby stampers who places $75+ orders from time to time, this news is for you.    Take a moment to check it out. 

SU has lowered their min.
$99 gets you a kit with supplies of your choice and you actually get to choose $125 of items for $99. You do also get a case of 8 catalogs and paperwork additionally for free. It's aimed at the hobby crafter who places up to $100 orders.

Call me if you have questions or check it out.
 Like right now, we can order as demos, a couple of the hostess sets before it's official, no min. $ order required before 5/31. We get first dibs at several things like that all the time. Also a monthly magazine with ideas comes in the mail. Last year we got a freebee in the mail of stamps, fabric, etc. You get 30% off your first order within 45 days (and now they'll offer an extension if you call them). Meet a $300 min. order by end of Sept. Meet another $300 min. before 12/31.

You get a comp. mini in the mail when they come out. You get a comp. catalog annually.

Go check it out if that's of interest to you and there's a video:

My biggest benefit to Stampin Up I think as been all the new people I've met and new friends I've made.

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