Monday, March 25, 2013

March & April baby quilt finished

Well around the end of Summer 2012 I could not find the group I wanted so I started a Quilting Bee, BusyBees and we meet every Thursday at Georgia Taylor Rec Center off W. Clemmonsville Road.  Check in if interested.

Now when it comes to sewing and patterns, I fly by the seat of my pants.  As I mentioned earlier with the "Birds in Fall" piece, I'm more of a cut and sew as you go gal.  Don't do well with patterns and directions.  I for sure can't cut straight (even with a ruler) or sew straight.     Susan drew me the layout.  I'm a visual person.

My 2 new friends at the bee, Susan and Becki have been helping me along.  They may soon give up on me.  Susan showed me how to do the Diappearing 9 Patch.  So I thought another baby quilt would be a good place to start and practice and off I went.    No pattern, just cut up some fabric and put it back together. 

Same blocks with different sashing.   Yellow sashing one finished in April, 2013 and is #4.   
Now that I see it on the screen, with white sashing, humm, it could have been better but you only learn by practice and for my first not so bad and hey, it's not a panel and I used a bit more fabric.    Luckily I had 4 extra blocks so I can try again and make another one and change it up a bit. 

WOW, now I see that Don was right.... the bunny label should have been in another color.  Maybe I'll add some stitching around the bunny label to make it pop. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share what I've been up to.    I just looked over and on my desk is a quote from a magazine.....
Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.

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