Monday, September 2, 2013

Preemie quilts for the hospital

And you thought I was gone. Just busy doing some other things.   These are my August projects.   While the plan was to use up the fabrics on hand I find I'm buying fabrics for bindings as well as thread.  Downsize is the word but it keeps slipping my mind.  I'm still making preemie quilts for Brenner Children's Hospital. My goal for 2013 was 12 and I'll have to look at my notes to see where I am.  Pretty close I think.  This has been a good way for me to practice my free motion stitching, where you move the sewing machine to do what you want it to do.  Not brave enough to use contrasting threads but here I got brave with the sailboats.   I try to mirror a front design on the back as my label.  In this case, sailboat.   
#9 Preemie

  This little piece was just a cute piece of fabric with elephants.  Again, practicing my free motion around the edges.  I'm getting better.
 #10 Preemie
 Years ago someone gave me samples of fabrics that were about copy paper size and I just piece them with yellow to create this piece. 
 #11 Preemie
 Well I just love these soft colors.  My dear, long time friend, Mary Jane Burdette, Stanfield, NC gave me the center bocks and I have enough for 3 preemie quilts.  I did the rest.   Let's call this one flower crop circles.  Started out as soft fabric circles around the squares and the then I did stitches around the circles like flower petals.  Nope still not brave enough to use colored thread but look close and you can see the stitching.
  #12 preemie
 More little squares produced this one so I decided to do applique.   Humm, this might make #12.  Will have to look back at my list.  Well I still have more fabric in my stash so I'll keep working on preemie quilts.  Maybe one day we won't need so many.  This has been an on going project for my quilt , Forsyth Piecers and Quilters for years.
  #13 Preemie for 2013
Hope you like them and could zoom in to see how I'm doing on my stitching. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Comments welcomed.

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