Monday, September 2, 2013

Thread - Yarn Challenge

 I belong to a quilting bee called the Beecassos, an art bee that meets monthly mostly for show and tell of challenges.  The challenge about 3 months ago was to use this multicolored yarn and/or some navy thread given to us by Linda Worsley.   Well of course I left my project til last Monday night, due next morning, Tuesday.  Well impulse, I had seen a weeping willow and thought perfect.  Ok, so the pink blobs are supposed to be mounts of flowers.  The green is scrapss of fabrics.  The sky is made with some of my Stampin Up Inks.  The trunk of the tree is using, finally some of the furniture fabric samples I brought home that are neatly now in a new home on the shelves. The bird house, yes a little tall, was an after thought to balance out the left side.  Yes I know I needed to go around the edges with satin stitch at least 2 more times.  Maybe I will.    Well it's about 8.5 x 11" and I like it.  I rose to the occasion and met the challenge.

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