Sunday, January 5, 2014

2 flags in one

I'm a little late posting this but it will work in any season.

Well it was time to change my flag in Dec.  I opened up my box labeled Flags and started pulling out Winter flags.  Of course I was crazy enough to buy 2 of those flags with writing that you can only read from one side.  DUH, who gets to read it, which side to hang which way.

 Well I got the bright idea (because I was on a roll in Dec.) to sew them together and make one.  Viola.... it worked.  You can't read one thru the other and now they both are hanging outside and will carry me thru Jan I think.    Here's what I did.    First I stitched them together at the top and then had to go down about 2 inches and stitch across again to make the new pocket for the rod.  Then I just stitch around the sides and bottom to form one flat.  This is what they looked like before I put them together.    They now hang as one flat.   I'm pleased with it and for me, Happy Holidays can also mean, winter and snow so I think it will hang thru Jan 2014.     Now where is the snow.  I want a little.

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