Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marker Storage

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Now what do you think Crystal Light and Veggies have in common. Well now the container of course. Check out my new marker storage. I've been using Crystal Light containers for so many things over the years that I have a stash as I'd hate to run out.

I used Kiwi Kiss designer paper and round scallop punch. Sorry can't remember name of paper with blues and greens.

Recently I had reason to add some markers to my stash due to being dry on one end or another. Well of course having the extra markers meant that I could no longer use my marker container so it's now in storage as well. Have to save it in case I want to take my markers on a crop or something.

Well thanks to my neighbor, Freda, I acquired the needed vegggie cans and she was sweet enough to even wash them out for me. Well here is what I made and it's on a rubbermaid turntable and viola, I have some cute storage. The veggie cans are glued together with hot glue as they didn't touch enough for glue dots or sticky strip.

Now put on your thinking cap and share your ideas.

Please note that I can remove my crystal light containers if someone needs blues at the other end of the table.

I'm very pleased.

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