Monday, March 25, 2013

Plant Dreams...... Stitchwork piece

As I said, I discovered Pinterest in Fall of 2011.  While I've been busy seeing what other people have been doing, I was just daydreaming and not doing.  

One of the first things I did was get ruthless and admit that I didn't need to keep all my quilt magazines so I went thru them and tore out what I thought I might use.  If other directions on the back, I just made a copy of that page for me.  I also traced off some cute templates and put them in a notebook noted below and now my daydreams for quilting, sewing, needlework are in one notebook instead of the two boxes of magazines I took to my quilt guild..... never to come home with me again.    Hey... it's a start and anyone who knows me knows even this was hard. 

For 2013 I made a goal to try to get more things done and not just think about them.  Now at age 65 it does seem it takes longer to get to the end result but at least I'm moving more than just the brain.

Needing some take along hobbies as eye appointments take at least 3 hours, I need variety.    Years ago I discovered that I could no longer do cross stitch and finally gave away all my books and patterns as well as fabric.  I kept the thread thinking it could be used for other things.    While on Pinterest, I found some sketches that I thought would look cute on fabric.  Here's one of the pieces I just finished.  Not sure if it will be a pillow or a wall hanging.  Hope you like it.    Can't wait to start another one. 

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