Monday, March 25, 2013

Revamp the sofa pillows for a new look

In addition to trying to get my act in order in 2013, I thought about all the times Don and I share taping on the tv and then there is little time for me to watch what I've taped.  Love that DVR.    Yep there is a TV downstairs in the craft room but no windows. 

On the top floor are 2 rooms and a bath.  One is a bedroom and the other is like a sitting room.  Both very pretty but we rarely get guests and what a waste of space.  So I've decided to take it over and have my own woman retreat.  It has windows, nice furniture and a place to hang out, watch a hallmark movie, quilting, take a nap and I might let him visit. 

While laying on the sofa I was looking around at how I might make some changes.  I do plan to make some pillows for the furniture but thought how could I make it more up to date, as it's almost 20 years and hardly been sat on.  I decided to take the ruffles off the pillows and stitch them back up.  Takes up less space and I think I like it.  1 more pillow to go.  Just another one of those projects I can do while watching a movie. 

Well of course I thought of sharing when I was down to just one pillow left to remove the ruffles.    Now with the ruffles removed I can easily make slip covers for the 4 pillows and change the look of the room.  Keep you posted.

I'm having fun in 2013.. 

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