Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quilting: Preemie Quilts for 2014, so far

Well for those who have been to my house and craft rooms, you know I have a lot of "Stuff" as my husband calls it.  I have bunches of fabric and I have this fear that I'll die and he will just toss it all out not realizing how much I have invested.  So goal has been to make some preemies for Brenners Children's hospital to use some of it up.  Of course along the way I've had to buy some fabrics to go with what I have.  Are you laughing because you understand.

My goal was also to practice my free motion skills.  It's a learning process.

    Sadly the purple one was to be a preemie but it had some issues so it made it's way to the nursing home as a lap blanket.  

 The rest are preemies for the hospital.  Here's what I've gotten done so far this year, 2014.  My goal has been to do 12 a year.

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