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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time away from the blog

For anyone who follows my blog, I've been away for a bit plus a bit longer.

 Mama is 91.5 and up until now very healthy, driving, independent and in her home since 1946 when she came to this country from Cuba.

   6/30/14 she had diarrhea which upset her and she continued to have it daily for over a week and then off an on for next 2 weeks.  During those three weeks I contacted her family doctor of 40 years because she was also not eating, drinking, confused, wobbly, sleepy, anxious, aggitated, moody and the list goes on.    At one point her doctor said he was not worried about the diarrhea.  Then I was concerned that she might be dehydrated and he said he was not concerned.    With all the mood swings and she was having trouble getting meds down, he chose to put her on Prozac in addition to her Ativan which I was adjusting due to how she was reacting.

Finally due to some breathing problems, the cardiologist suggested we go to Prime Care (urgent care) to be sure her lungs were clear.  They discovered UTI 2 days after her doctor had done lab work.      Prime Care sent us home with meds for the UTI which he said can be so dangerous in an older adult.    The next day they called to check on her and suggested we go to hospital to be sure not in her blood stream as they could not do blood cultures in their office.

  7/19/14 they admitted Mama and said her sodium level was very low and we never heard about the blood culture.

7/23/14 the hospital was going to release Mama to our care to go home after which time they had not let her get on the potty chair alone and she had not walked.    I explained to the social worker that she lives alone and how would we handle all of this and could they please send her to rehab for a bit.    She said we would just have to deal with it.    Thank goodness for friends.  My friend Lora said that she felt sure the insurance would pay for rehab.  I called back and left a message for the social worker that I heard Ins. would help cover that and let me know what's next.  The next morning she came in with 3 choices, go look at them and let me know which one and she walked out.    Needless to say I had a moment of undue stress due to that gal.

7/24/14 they moved Mama to Rehab behind the hospital, The Oaks.    She was good and getting better but after about 5 days, she got a cough and I got nervous.  Yep, turned into Broncitis and she was put on oxygen for about 5 days.    She can get sick very easily.

I've been under such stress that I've been living in the bathroom and losing weight.  The guilt over not doing something in those first 3 weeks will always haunt me.

In addition to all that Mama was experiencing at home it just got worse at rehab.  She could not hold a fork, answer a phone, dial a phone number, write her name , not eating or drinking again and she prayed to die for about 4 days and was asking for hospice.   She was giving up and I did go talk to Hospice to help me prepare.    I did find out they have grief counseling that I so need as you do not need to wait til that day to avail of their services.

8/14/14, Mama has turned the corner and a new person.   Who would have thought such a change could happen.       Going home still seemed not the best idea due to the fact that she would still need a bit of assistance as she is almost back to normal but tired and needs help with meals, bathing, etc.    We have opted for Independent Living which will resolve the meals and give her some people to be around.  We think that will help her depression, give us some peace of mind.  We'll go over and help with baths til she gets stronger.    She's sad over leaving her house and neighborhood.  She has outlived everyone and she likes her new neighbors but it's time for a change and some fun.

I've been just as sick over this decision as well due to tight finances, the move, change, etc.    I'm also tired from hardly sleeping myself, living in the bathroom and my own set of nerves.

The new beginning starts at Independent Living next week.   Mama very nervous over it all.  Wanted to let her go home first, after she had seen the new place but  we've been told by everyone that is not a good idea.  Best to move her from rehab.

She has a 3 month lease to decide.  I think while it will be a squeeze, her quality of life will be really better as she had 0 to do at home and if she gives up driving, she's trapped.    Wish my one sister was on board with all of this and try to see a better future for her.

Now Don might be getting sick.  He has RA and now needs a hip replacement.

At my age, I've discovered I can only work on one problem at a time and I've been going non stop since 6/30/14 so forgive me if my blog activities are on hold for a bit.    Keep you posted when I'm back to stamping and sewing.

Please keep us in your thoughts.  For those who have sent Mama a card, I thank you very much.

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