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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stampin Up is your source for that next project

Check out this cute "Butterfly Swizzle Sticks". Now I also think these would be so cute attached to a bamboo skewer and put in a small plant for a friend, or if the friend has a flower pot on the porch, just stop by and tuck one in her plant as a surprise. Instructions on line.

Stampin Up is waiting for you to stop by and see all the ideas they have to free up your mind from having to be creative. The ideas, items list and instructions are all there.

This card is "All Spruced Up" for the Holidays.

Who isn't. It's just a feel good time to see all the pretty decorations, lights.

The instructions for this card and many more are at the Stampin Up website. They have a breakdown of all the supplies needed to make this card and many more projects. http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryID=28

Keep in mind that if you don't have an item on the list, improvise with what you do have and you'll only have to get the important items that may be missing. Colors can be changed, ribbon can become twine, a pretty yarn.

Don't forget that girls night out. Who doesn't need some me time, escape time. As you look toward the New Year, why not plan a girls night out with friends just to stamp and make projects. Coordinate your projects so you can share. Think of doing a swap where you might make 5 of the above card. Someone else would make 5 of a card or project and at the end of the evening, 5 gals go home with 5 different projects or cards. The number would be based on the gals in the group or those coming to play.

Pink and green card:

"Birthday Celebrations"

is a great one to look up.

Now from past experience with swaps which is what I like to call them, you'll need to have 85% of your project completed or so that maybe you just need some gluing and assembly so you'll have time to chat and maybe snack.

Did I mention that food also makes it fun but careful of those greasy fingers.

Ooooooh. It could also be a Recipe Stampin Swappers as well.

Swappers... is there such a word? Hostess can provide beverage. Everyone take turns bringing a snack, have some "Bon Appetit Decor" props ready to hold that month's recipes for everyone and by the end of the year, you can create your own Recipe mini album. Now that's an idea. The Album could be a great way to start out the year with a page ready to receive that mont's recipes. Don't have to get fancy, just get some pretty designer paper to use as background. Now I might like to get invited to that one swap.

Maybe I'll consider ordering that set for anyone who wants to start their own club, can borrow it to make your displays. Now I didn't look at the instructions for this project but just in looking at it, I think the base is using large binder clips for the stands. How cool is that.

So ask some friends, neighbors that might enjoy this and you don't have to stress over what to make as there are bunches of ideas already laid out for you, so just copy, copy, copy.

Consider starting your own mini stamp club of friends. It's a great way to meet new folks or neighbors. Never know who might be interested. No one has to teach anything but just a sharing time. Depending on how many gals you have in the group, you might be able to put orders together and take turns placing orders to earn hostess benefits that you all might share.
Let me know if I can help.

After visiting http://www.doonenicething.com/ I discovered it's the little things that make a difference. They encourage you to do one nice thing every Monday. Imagine finding a little goodie hanging on your door .... "from a friend". There are ideas for such on the Stampin Up website listed above.

Happy Stamping as you look toward 2010.

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