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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ice and sleet left us back in pioneer days

Don't know about you but we had limbs everywhere during the last ice and sleet storm.   Limbs were snapped from the tops of trees.  Many were touching the ground.  Needless to say we called to get our name on the tree cutting list on Friday and by Sunday am the chainsaws were going in the neighborhood.

 We were without power for 2 days as well as Mama so she came to stay with us.  At 91 I was not leaving her in her house with a Kerosun heater.    We had ventless gas logs that kept our entire house toasty.  It was about 76 on the top floor and as me if I had on shorts and tank top during the power outage.  I was roasting in the house.   We also have a gas stove so we could also cook.  Now nights were long without lights.    Then there is the matter of the CPap machine.   Sadly I can't sleep without the breathing machine so it was a very long night for me.  

Someone mentioned..... what did people do without lights at night.  If you had asked me that about 30 years ago, I would have jumped on that answer....   You know who you are thinking the same thing.  Well at 66, 70 and 91, we just all went to bed.  Ok, at 66 and needing the breathing machine I was surrounded by candles at 3 am, clipping coupons.

Ok so it doesn't look so bad but it was.

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