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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Service Project & Club party

SOMEONE SAVE ME...... We were not as successful as in the past at getting all of the service project done during the party. We only got 36 bookworm book marks made and we had more books. Well I got carried away making the bookmarks watching tv and now I have an excess of 80 bookmarks and not enough books. Where are all my club members with some more books please. I have some darn cute worms just waiting for a book to crawl into. Actually I thought of getting down in the floor and letting Don cover me in the bookworms but then we'd have to put them all back in the basket and I'm wormed out. So..... ladies, if you have not brought me some books, I could use a few more, 80 to be exact. Thanks huge bunches. I'm open for suggestions for another service project.

The party has come and gone and I think we all had a good time.
Ok, so the house was not completely dusted but hey it looked pretty good and I'm sure it was good exercise making all those trips up and down the steps.

I hope everyone had a chance to thank a fellow club member for their participation.

Did I remember to take pictures. Of course I did not. But I did manage to put over 7,000 steps on my pedimeter by the time everyone had arrived. My stamp room is not big enough to accommodate everyone for the service project so we ate and crafted upstairs in the dining room and living room.

Look at those darling worm bookmarks as part of our service project.

As many of you know, I'm a terrible proof reader so if you see an oops, be sure to let me know. Comments are also welcome when I can figure out how to add that section.

As the girls arrived they chose a packet of cardstock and designer paper to make a darling dress card using the large scallop circle die.

They were all settled in around the coffee table working on the cards, so easy and cute and a great way to use up scraps. Then they moved on to the Big Shot to cut our their little bags. How cool that it cuts and scores the paper for the little bags. Ok, so the cracking sound as the die and cover plates runs thru the Big Shot is scary but it is supposed to do that. First time it happened I thought surely I had broken it. Due to the fact that I ran out of sticky tape, I did show everyone how to make and assemble the little bags. We punched out the front of the bag and placed a small piece of the new SU window sheets in behind so you could see the goodies inside. I trust everyone will assemble their little bags soon for a nice gift for a friend.

As promised, I'll be offering another class or opportunity to use the die for the little bags. Watch for one in June. You'll need to purchase a pack of paper and a roll of sticky tape. You'll get 24 little bags from one pack of paper.

We had a wonderful Salad Buffet where everyone brought a salad or cheese, fruit and crackers. We had a nice variety of choices and of course Beth brought those darling Tuxedo Brownies. I had them about 8 years ago and asked if she could bring them. Hate to think how many calories in those darling little things.

Through out the club year, hostesses do not have to clean their house or serve refreshments. This club party is when everyone gets to bring a food and say thank you to their fellow club members as it's a team effort to reach the required goal of hostess benefits. We had 1 member from club 3, 2 from Club 2, and 7 from club 1. Thanks to Trish, Ann K, Susan K, Alisa, Lea, Julie, Anne, Sandy, Belinda, Beth for coming and sure hope you had a nice time.

Did I fail to mention that there were door prizes and everyone left with their choice from the large Stampin Up bag, stamps to designer paper (which was used to make the little bags everyone left with from me).

As a parting gift from me to say thank you for your committment to stamp club, everyone received one of the little bags assembled with chocolate kisses inside. Who doesn't like something free and kisses to boot.

One of the best parts of the night I think was the service project. We are collecting children's books during April and May for the shelter in Lexington. In addition. as a group effort we made darling little book worm bookmarks for each of the books. Of course I forgot to buy enough large pom poms for the heads, but in a team effort we were gluing cardstock circles on top of each other, attaching pompom heads, googlie eyes and antenna. These will have a sticker on the back saying that my stamp clubs made them and donated the books. So please, by all means if you did not bring your books, please do so this month. We'll also be completing all the bookmarks when I get more supplies. Thanks once again for your efforts of giving back.

The end result: we've collected 74 books for the children so far, from only 11 club members I believe as well as a friend of Nancy McCuller's who has been to my classes a couple of times. Thanks Janice.. As for the worm bookmarks, we only have 36 so I could use some help in class assembling the balance needed, one for each book. If you arrive early for class, we'll continue to assemble. I appreciate your help.

What did I discover is that we used white glue to put the circles together and some scooted and there is some sticky glue that I'll pad with some powder. another is that attaching everything with hot glue I think is more permanent and just about as fast, but you do need some folks in the assembly line to pull off all those little flying strings of glue. So if you are coming to class this month and have a glue gun, maybe we can assemble a few more. I have 3 glue guns or is it 4, well of course I do. I have my own little mini craft store.

I'll arrange to meet up with Debra Rice, representative for the shelfter in Lexington, NC to deliver the books with worms and let her know that more are to come. She said it's nice for the kids to have something new of their own and who doesn't like books at that age. We did even get a few books for preteens.

Next Service Project: Yes I've managed to draw in my stampers to help me with this but I don't think anyone minds these small gestures of kindness better known as RAK's, random acts of kindness. It's been suggested that a nice service project might be to make some note cards for meals on wheels to take with the meals to some folks. If you have a suggestion for another project, please let me know. Perhaps we could do more than one a year. Be sure to watch for our next get together.

Thanks to everyone for coming and hope it was fun for all. I look forward to seeing you at the next one. I'm open for suggestions for a better month as I understand end of school year not the best choice. Sorry, retired and no kids.

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