Friday, October 8, 2010

Stamped 2 4 6 8 box/bag project

Welcome to one of the easiest boxes/bags you will ever make. It's a 2 4 6 8 template. Here are 3 sizes you can make. Idea is to score at equal points, 2", 4", 6", 8" to make this box. You must have a bit left over to have something to glue the corner to. The bottom is scored accordingly. I normally score the bottom to match the sides, 2". However on the smaller box I only scored at 1.5" or else the box is just too short.

Hope you'll have fun making these. Best to score, then stamp, then make your folds on the score lines.

The middle box is scored in landscape mode. After the 8" score mark, you'll then make a cut length of paper at about 8.5 or 9". I put my adhesive on the fold over piece entire length of the paper.

Be sure to crease all your score marks before making your cuts. Very important.

Well I just love this little box and I'm trying to load photos to show you how to score and cut. You can get 2 small ones from one pattern/1 sheet of paper. The small size is the one I use the most. Of course the larger size is a very nice size as well. What you want to remember is that when making the two small boxes, you'll want to score bottoms on both ends and for the small box I only make the small box 1.5" in from the end. If you do a 2" bottom your box/bag will be too short. On the taller boxes/bags, I make the bottom score at 2" from the end. I sure hope this makes sense. So I'm showing you layout for the larger boxes/bags. Then I'm showing only 1/2 page for the small box. Of course my other photo won't load but check back as I'm still trying to get it to upload. Thanks for your patience. Email me if you have questions.

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